Who We Are

Local Civic Innovators and Creative Problem-Solvers.

We are civic-minded residents committed to working with the City of Portland, Multnomah County and other municipalities in the greater Portland area – as well as other nonprofit organizations – to make our region stronger. We’re here to help and eager to learn from professional public servants. And while we’re advocates for open government (we can’t build apps without open data!), we’re non-partisan and public-minded.

We’re a group of civic-minded coders, public-employees, designers, and extraordinary citizens. We work in partnership with government, non-profit, and technical partners to deploy technology to improve quality of life for all residents and increase citizen engagement with civic issues.

Ultimately, our goal is to make life better for residents by improving personal and collective outcomes through helping build local government services that are better, faster, and cheaper and have the greatest impact for the greatest amount of people who have the greatest need for assistance and efficient public services.

Executive Leadership

Code for PDX is led by an Executive Leadership Team that organizes events, manages strategic partnerships, and ensures fluid communication among cross-functional product teams. The Executive Team oversees volunteer management, organizational sustainability, day-to-day operations, and the engagement of the Advisory Board.

Our Products

  • Dwelling.ly


    The nonprofit JOIN helps transition people out of homelessness. However, their system for staying in touch with landlords is currently inadequate.


    Create an app with a robust ticketing system to ensure JOIN staff can connect with their landlords and clients when an issue arises. This will allow JOIN to provide support and improve success in transitioning people out of homelessness.

    Current Status: Active

  • OpenTransit


    American public transit used to be the envy of the world, but has fallen behind in recent decades. Good public transit is essential to reducing income inequality, improving sustainability, and increasing accessibility.


    Use historical transit data to help riders and city planners understand the quality of bus, light rail, and streetcar lines. Currently offered in San Francisco and being adapted for PDX and beyond!

    Current Status: On Hold

  • RecordSponge


    For many folks who have had run-ins with the criminal justice system, punishment doesn't end with the end of their sentence. Well past the period of incarceration, a criminal conviction can follow a person around for the rest of their life, preventing them from accessing housing, employment, and services which might otherwise help them integrate back into society.


    Create a form and decision tree to help expungement providers at the Multnomah County Public Defender's office quickly determine which items on an applicant's record are eligible for expungement.

    Current Status: Completed

Our Partners

Our Sponsors

Our Team

  1. Hugh Harker

    Founder & CEO

    Hugh is a professional urbanist and developer. He started Code for PDX in May of 2018 and leads of our Dwellingly product.

    Contact info:

  2. Arthur Smid

    Outreach and Development

    Arthur is a community organizer and communications specialist. He wrote a novel about software developers—available at arthursmid.com.

    Contact info:

  3. Katrina Sperry

    Product Manager

    Katrina ensures our website and meetups are up-to-date and welcoming to all.

    Contact info:

  4. Nick Schimek

    Software Engineer | Mentor

    Nick majored in computer science and minored in electronics and business administration. He is a founding member of Code for PDX and was the product owner for RecordSponge. He enjoys mentoring and writing in rust and ruby.

    Contact info:

  5. Jordan Witte

    RecordSponge Product Owner

    Jordan studied computer science and machine learning at PSU, completing his masters in 2019. He leads our RecordSponge product.

    Contact info:

  6. Erik Jasso


    Erik is a software developer and founding member of Code for PDX. He volunteers on our RecordSponge product.

    Contact info: